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  • Top 10 things you need to know before selling your home, including tips for low cost improvements for a better selling price
  • Discover how you know when it is right to make that repair, and knowing when and how to invest in your house
  • A complete step by step breakdown of real world facts VS real estate reality TV shows, comparing and contrasting the differences
  • The Seven Steps to Owning a Home, and how to maximize the success of your transaction every step of the way

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I want to learn how to buy like a pro!

If you’re in the market for a new home, check out these 11 tips on how to find the best possible real estate deals in your area.


comprehensive real estate


Comprehensive Real EstateBuyer's Guide

I want to sell & upsize into a bigger home!

If you’re seriously considering upsizing, it’s important that you’re well informed as to what the process involves. In this guide we dive into a few important things to consider before deciding to upsize into a new home.


comprehensive real estate


Comprehensive Real EstateSeller's Guide


What our clients say

"We really appreciated having mary in our corner in the selling of our home. She was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. She was able to sell in a week's time and helped us with every step."
"Mary is the best real estate agent I have had the pleasure to work with. She always made me feel that my house was her first priority and worked with great motivation to get it sold. She is very well informed about the market and knows all the right people to get the job done (contractors, interior
"If you are reading this, then you must be thinking about selling your home. Save yourself a lot of trouble and let Mary list your house. Mary is very knowledgeable and responsive. She helped us anticipate and navigate some speed bumps we had in getting to act of sale."
"Mary Danna was amazing to work with. She's honest, knowledgeable (knew exactly where houses should be priced and which ones would go fast) and she has connections that made our inspections, financing, and closing pretty easy. Mary was also extremely responsive--getting us into every house we wanted
"Mary was a great asset for me selling my house. She evaluated the house early with suggestions to get best value. I told her that I needed someone to push me, and she did! When selling, the house was priced perfect to get maximum value and sell fast. Mary was in constant communication throughout sel
"Mary is such a great asset to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. We enlisted her help while we were still in the process of renovating our home. She gave us great recommendations as to how to get the most value out of renovations. She is knowledgeable about the market, responsive to emails and ph
"She was great from start to finish. Worked with us to get the best price for the house sold and for my new place. Kept me informed of all that was going on and worked with me to see home so. My busy schedule. If you are looking to buy or sell she is the one you want at your back."
"Mary Danna is an excellent realtor and gives a five star experience for all her clients. I was separating from my husband in the middle of COVID and needed someone to not only sell our home, but help us both find new homes. In an incredibly stressful and uncertain situation, Mary was a rock I knew I
"I was very fortunate to have found Mary Danna through a referral from a mortgage broker. As my Realtor, she helped me find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. She was very patient with me as I was particular about my needs and wants in a home as well as the location. She h
"We found Mary Danna while interviewing agents to sell a family home. We absolutely made the right decision to sign with her. She was prepared for our questions and transparent in all aspects of the transaction. Mary delivered a better than expected outcome in a timely manner. She made entire process
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